Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Victim of fraud!

Today I have just found out I have been scammed and practically had a phone stolen.

Basically I sold the item on eBay someone bought the phone for 135 on buy it now minutes later I had a message from the buyer saying there was problem with buy it now so he wanted me to give him request payment from Paypal.

I had an email off Paypal saying I have instant payment of 170 GBP (because he wanted me to send it to his daughter whose doing work in Nigera) so I thought nothing of it. Fool on me!!!

That same day I shopped the item to Nigera £15 postage and I was happy because I thought someone's daughter is going to be very happy!

Today ... 2 days later ....
Had an email from eBay saying that the buyer (not really the buyer) as he'd been hacked into!!

My face dropped and I quickly contacted eBay via live chat and they put me through to someone higher up in the company and I explained my situation to them and he told me it is a scam if its going to Nigera and he told me to contact the police ASAP and to contact the post office to stop the package going through!!

Contacted both but they said they could do nothing - they cannot cancel the parcel nor could the police do anything really however they did put me through to the fraud action centre thingy and I had to explain what had happened, they said they couldn't do anything really but if the police wanted to contact me further they would do so..

In theory I have learnt a lot about privacy and security . And it's not to trust anyone!! Even if it sounds genuine or too good to be true which was in my case!!

Lesson learned - will not ship parcel until payment has been cleared with paypal !!!

Monday, 4 February 2013

A whole new world ...

Just wanted to say that I have never been so happy in all my entire life, And it's all thanks to one person and that's Robbie my boyfriend of 5 months!

He is so kind and perfect he treats me just right and I couldn't ask for better , he looks after me when I'm ill and loves me just the way I hoped!

If you have any questions then please do ask :) thanks again

Back to Uni!

So it's back to Uni for me today, starting my 4 new modules which I'm pretty excited about because its mainly all the creative stuffs todo with computing which I LOVE! so yeah should be a good simesta ! :)

On the downside I have a sore throat so not feeling 100%

Oh well life goes on....

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Superdry hoodies: review!

Went to Cheshire Oaks designer outlet today after looking around on the internet last night, for a 'cozy' hoodie and I saw that Superdry had good reviews so went into the shop and saw the one that I wanted went to try it on and because my boobs are that big the woman's one didn't fit me, so I had to get a mans one - ended up getting Medium.

Even though i prefer larger fitted hoodies this one seems quite slim fitted on the arms which I like.

Overall the hoodie does fit the description 'cozy' and plus it didn't break the bank only cost £30 so pretty happy with it overall.

Advice for a girl looking to buy a Superdry hoodie (get the next size up or mans if you've got quite a large chest)

Thats my review

Thanks for reading -peace

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My bullying story...

By the way i will no longer be posting braces posts as i have no braces anymore. but i will still be posting everyday type blogs.

I have been bullied from a very young age, I remember just starting nursery school and having no family around me, only children my age, but because I was the quiet one in the corner who never really wanted to talk out loud, that’s when the children started to pick on me, trip me up and treat me like nothing. And then junior years came along, this was my worst Primary school experience as I got threatened by this lad to do “things” to him or he would make my life “HELL” so he said, I was only about 8 or 9 and him the same but still having to be but through such ordeal at a young innocent age was the most horrible experience ever!!Moving on to the final years of Primary school, I thought these years would be the easiest, little I knew what was in store for me… the same lad that pestered me in the school toilets, still tormented me in year 5 and 6 but along with pretty much all of the school, he spread rumors about me, said I had “GERMS” and no one came near me, if I walked into a classroom all I got was looks, stares, and laughs, I got called horrible names and kept getting distracted by the lads in my class, poking me in the back until it got to me and I had to turn round, couldn’t say nothing of course I was so insecure and shy.One day, I was walking across the playground and two lads where swinging a skipping rope around and as soon as I walk past them they swung it around my neck until I choked. The diner lady came over and took me to see the head mistress, she saw the red mark around my neck and I don’t even think she punished the two lads really.The next day at home it was a Monday morning and I was in bed, I didn’t want to wake up, obviously as id cried myself to sleep every night since all the bullying happened. I bottled it inn all that time since nursery I told no one – not even my parents!
I was in the bathroom, locked the door and mum heard me crying, as soon as I heard mum ask me what’s wrong I went silent, she kept asking and asking what was wrong, but I didn’t want to say, I didn’t want to say because I didn’t want to get bullied anymore for being a “snitch”.But eventually after about an hour of complete silence and not saying a thing, I told mum everything little by little (tears here and there), mum immediately rang up the school and told the head mistress what had happened and I had a week off school while all the kids got a “telling off” and the main bullies got made to write me a sorry letter but only one person did. Haha – and still today my parents don’t know about what that one lad did to me in the toilets…

Thursday, 5 July 2012

OH MY GOD NO! ! ! ! :'(

Hey, well im not a happy bunny right now, i was out having a meal and i thought it would be clever to put my clear retainers wrapped in a tissue in my pockets, oh no, i finished eating, went to put retainers inn, no problems, till i licked my top one, there was a crack from the top to the bottom of the mold, thankfully its not cracked in half, i am going to have to phone ortho tomorrow to ask if it will still to its job.. meh i shouldnt have jinxed. Word of advice, if its not in ur mouth put it in the case